A project-driven international cooperation platform

AforE supports investments in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) by developing and scaling up instruments that accelerate growth and competitiveness.

This Alliance promotes dynamic, competitive and inclusive economies across the continent by offering financial and technical support on a project basis – allowing the initiative to drive meaningful impact through a demand-driven approach based on our beneficiaries’ needs.

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Who We Are

The Alliance is a unique initiative driven by its members working together to solve market failures impacting entrepreneurship and M(S)ME growth.

The Alliance focuses on leveraging the expertise of its members to improve the entrepreneurial climate and MSME growth by facilitating investment and providing technical advisory services for long-term sustainable development through pooled financial and non-financial instruments.

What We Do

The AforE:

Supports innovative and pioneering micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) with financial and technical services (with a focus on women- and youth-owned businesses)

Increases the capacity of entrepreneurs to access finance, launch and scale ventures

Promotes innovation and inclusive economic growth for both the short and long-term

Works with public sector partners to improve the business climate and support reforms that create new markets for sectors with high-growth potential

What Makes Us Different?

What makes the AforE unique is not only what we do but how we do it.

We are a platform
with a purpose.

By bringing together motivated actors with common interests, we create a space for sharing knowledge, experience, and best practices. This encourages innovation and collaboration between our members, resulting in innovative, creative solutions to problems to catalyze MSME development.

We Are Inclusive

As an inclusive body, the Alliance also seeks to diversify and expand its membership to banking and non-banking financial institutions, business and innovation training providers (i.e., incubators, accelerators, universities), as well as other public and private sector organizations (i.e. foundations, philanthropic organizations, venture capital firms, etc.). The initiative has consciously developed a flexible membership structure to facilitate membership.